Olivia Brown’s new video ‘BAD ENOUGH’ is a collection of short phone movies taken on recent journeys around Hamilton and Toronto. This new video displays scenes from the Hamilton-born musician’s commutes, 26th/22nd birthday, and walks throughout suburbia. ‘BAD ENOUGH’ documents her imagination in a personal and inventive way, through creative use of layering images and colour saturation adjustments. Twenty-three different YouTube users have liked the video so far.

With few models of a singer-songwriter turned videographer, Olivia is making interesting progress. As one user commented, “you did it”. “I began visualizing music when I first started writing songs in high school,” said Olivia. “When I decided that it was time to start releasing songs I’d written, it quickly became clear that I needed to have a visual component to go with them. I became fixated on the idea of making visuals myself when I realized how difficult it was going to be not only to explain what I see in my head but to afford hiring someone else to recreate that. That’s when I started collecting phone videos to go with my songs.”

BAD ENOUGH’ confirms, as Olivia has said “I think that I’ve had enough, of whatever it was that tried to take me.” She’s written a non-confrontational song that alludes to a dark and ever-present internal dialogue of self-deprecating thoughts. “Writing songs is healing for the writer, but listening to songs is healing for everyone. That’s why music is my favourite.”



In a vocal style reminiscent of Erykah Badu or Little Dragon, Olivia’s songs describe life from her perspective and often explore topics of duality and self-love. Since summer 2018 OLIVIA BROWN BAND has been perfecting a collection of these original songs, fusing a wide range of eclectic influences together into some kind of alternative funk and soul music.

Inspired by artists like The Meters, The Pixies, James Brown, and Can, Olivia Brown Band features JAKE FRANICZEK on guitar, IAN AISLING on keys, OLIVIA BROWN on bass and vocals, and JUSTIN MCHUGH on drums. Their uninhibited and captivating performances are sure to leave no audience behind.